Indian Mediation Week

Although we have a backlog of more than 3.2 crore court cases, the number of mediations across ADR centers in the country still number in the thousands. While the supply of mediators is not a problem, the demand for their services remains abysmally low. There exists an urgent need to promote mediation as an appropriate method of dispute resolution in our country. In this context it is important to note that countries across the world have used mediation weeks as a popular way of spreading awareness. The sole objective of Indian Mediation Week (IMW) has been to grow awareness around mediation across different parts of India.

It is not just a week-long event but the beginning of a journey to take India back to its original method of dispute resolution: Suljhao, Magar Pyaar Se.

IMW is also India's largest student-run Access-to-Justice campaign, and since its inception, IMW has conducted over 2400 ADR awareness drives across 102 cities in India. IMW has engaged with over 50 Lakh people across the years and it is our firm belief that collaborative dispute resolution can revolutionize our Justice system.

Every year, IMW also becomes the platform to celebrate those students and legal professionals who impact the Access-to-Justice space with their actions.