Training Programmes for Students

CAMP Mediation Advocacy Training Programme in NUJS

Tara Ollapally and Annapurna Sreehari from Centre for Advanced Mediation Practice (CAMP), Bangalore, conducted a day-long Mediation Advocacy Workshop at NUJS on 11th September 2017. Majority of the participants were exposed to the concept of mediation for the first time. This course helped in, broadening their perception of dispute resolution in India. It covered the basics of mediation, and the role of legal counsel in mediation and the factors to achieve in an effective mediation, among other aspects. The course was augmented with a demo mediation, illustrating the stark difference between mediation and a more adversarial dispute settlement mechanism such as arbitration.


Association of Mediation Practitioners, Bombay conducts the first ever NUJSIntra Mediation Competition

It was an honour for Indian Mediation Week (IMW) to officially partner with Association of Mediation Practitioners (AMP), Bombay for the NUJS IntraMediation Competition. We are also highly grateful for the support shown by Tanu Mehta T and Prathamesh D Popat, co-founders of AMP, for being the guest speakers in the mediation awareness seminars of Inner Wheel/rotary club and Calcutta Electrical Traders Association.


Conflict Resolution Programme For Teenagers, Bangalore

Army Public School, Bangalore, conducted a conflict resolution programme for teenagers under Indian Mediation Week on 9th August, 2017, under the guidance of renown mediator Meena Waragharay. They conducted a street play to sensitize teenagers about developing conflict resolution skills and, building empathy and active listening skills.


Mediation Programme at Madras Law College by IMO

On 21st August 2017, International Mediations Organizations (IMO) conducted a mediation awareness seminar for the students at the prestigious Dr. Ambedkar Government Law College, formerly known as the Madras Law College, which is located in the High Court Campus of Chennai.


PACT Mediation Boot Camp in Delhi

Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies (VIPS) Delhi, joined hands with the Peacekeeping and Conflict Resolution Team (PACT), in furtherance of Indian Mediation Week, to host a mediation boot camp for 120 students from 40 different law schools in India. The boot camp focused on the skills and strategic techniques of negotiation and mediation, besides an orientation on the legal aspects governing practice of consensual dispute resolution in India. PACT was represented by Jonathan Rodrigues, along with Friends of PACT, Arjun Natrajan and Tanima Tandon. The dean of VIPS Dr Prof Rashmi Salpekar and chief student coordinator Nitika Singhal provided unconditional support and hospitality to the organizing team.